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PCM- It is adopted the technology of continuous roll coating, the color can be more changed, not only has good processing properties, it can reduce the processing flow, and can reduce waste of production, and have good corrosion resistance and high crushing strength, a large number of countries in Europe and the United States applied to different types of household appliances, it has gradually replaced paint sheet, i n line with the EU's environmental standards-ROHS.
ECM- SCCS has researched independently new products of environmental standards, both has excellent surface treatment effect , also has excellent molding processing performance, After forming, the surface has good corrosion resistance, meet the modern changes of household appliances' patterns color and characteristic demand, and i n line with the EU's environmental standards-ROHS.
VCM- It is adopted laminated composite technologies, Gloss can have different effects, and household appliances can be more texture, and can satisfy the different processing performance, the p erformance of resist acidic and alkaline is good. Because of continuous production line production, it can meet the demand for modern household appliances market .