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New Product Platform

Special pattern, beautiful appearance, excellent quality, and Color-changing, Can promote the additional value of product consumedly, Plus possess excellent decorative, ornamental and corrosion resistance, resistance to scratching nature, color coating steel is favor in household appliances, We will launch more characteristic to meet your needs, your tailor-made for a characteristic color coating steel. To the life you can add unlimited colors.
SCCS characteristic color coating steel in household appliances VCM sheet on the basis of the research and development of new products ECM. Characteristic color coating steel would be able to the pictures, trademarks, labels is of special significance to the Personalized Information of what customers demand. Customers achieve more characteristic dream of home appliances, still has a beautiful appearance of VCM board and excellent pearl-effect Characteristic color coating steel launched, household appliances will be given more information content, Improve quality and value of product, The household appliances has achieved from technology to the art of transformation.
Characteristic Design -- your household appliances , has your style .