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SCCS was founded in the 1995.Our company has more than 10 years experience in developping Colored steel plate. Thank for the electrical appliances enterprise and customers,We are glad to try to achieve our aim which is about the request of household appliances 'steel.
Region is our advantage. Different household appliances enterprise brands made us devolop well. Our Management idea is "Humanist,advanced,service society".On the other hand, our behavior criterion is "thinking it,do it,innovation" These two ideas are through our devolopment and help us select a correct way.
Two production lines which use red line soledify core technology were designed by ourself.So we can decrease energy consumption and the area. And then we can provide the basic support.Combine with our controling group and stadard working direction, so that we can offer client datum resourse steadily and in time.
The number of PCM and ECM kind of product have exceeded 30. With PCM products foundation, we insure ECM products'exploitation. We master the ECM core technology when we study from other calling associate. We mix enviroment conception with products. At the same time we help the clients reduse the cost.
We control our way. Core technology competetion depends on human's brightness the hard working. So far, we have 30 kinds of technology includs equipment core technology and ECM core technology gaided the national patent ministry's checking. At present, we are ready for the next 20 kinds of technology to patent application.
SCCS insists using the fact way and attitude.We believe that we will have a progressional future.